Wednesday, 6 March 2013

#I4ED... endings and new beginnings!

Last uni class tomorrow! I am excited see more student projects reflecting our learning journeys in I4ED! My summative project is posted below. I needed some help to get the audio and slides together, but am challenging myself to do another one by myself this weekend, so I do not forget how!
I have come to really enjoy blog-land. I like reflecting on my experiences, reading about others' perspectives and engaging in discussion and debate over issues that come up. This may be my favourite tool to come out of class, and one I will incorporate into my teaching in many ways. I have really enjoyed reading my classmates' blogs over the past few months... I hope to stay connected and keep sharing experiences through student teaching and job - hunting!
Hope everyone has a fun and fulfilling student teaching placement!

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  1. Hi Kelsey, I loved your creative final project, thanks. I am so glad you took the course and struggled through it in fine form - the epitome of a learner! It has been a real pleasure to get to know you over the last few years. You will make an excellent teacher. Please satay in touch via your blog & twitter. All the best in the future!